Saturday, June 19, 2010

O_______O WOW...I've heard it takes pretty much sums it up!

In detail, this event followed a new format  and lasted for many hours as our emcee Tabby voiced the pagent live as Anrol annouced our wonderful models. These were surely the fastest hours of my life as I was astonished by each of our contestants as they dilgently performed before two great ladies, and judges, Lisana Rossen and VeronicaLynn Parx.

The first event was swimwear as each was asked to create a look of there own as their bios were read to the crowd. Everyone's accomplishments were astounding!
My favorite piece was worn by Aisha Ormega. It was such a classy, sexy look and I loved her hair!
WELCOME BACK MALEHA!!! Whooohooooo!!

The second event followed after with the beloved formal wear. GORGEOUS!!! VULUPTUOUS AND HOT!!! Didler looked just dashing and, Girls, xoxoxo, love you, you all were wonderful.

Before I knew it,  Ms. Pippa Exonar came out to sing and it was done so beautifully as finalists came out to hear. VERY WELL DONE!! ( wished I could of tipped you more Ms. Exonar lolz)

Next came who has the brains as each had to answer questions from our judges and Anrol.
It was so tense and the questions were tough.
Hugs to all under the pressure! Jepordy you two, you know who you are! lolz

All in all it was a fantastic show!! God bless you!!

        *****CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!******
-----This is Mali over and out!! ^_-

Friday, June 18, 2010


I feel like I should pray to the computer gods or something lolz..jk JK lol man Good Luck ladies and I hope everything goes smoothly!! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

bwhahahha my first photoshop pic of me bwhahahahah lolz

Hehehehehe it's awesome to help out lol and get to be a finalist

lol I made so many good friends here lol CONGRATS ARIANNA!! mwuah!! hehehe today I found out that I am in the top ten of the Make it Work contest from the modeling workshop! WOOT!!! lol

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WOOOOOT! lol I love taking pics ^_^

Saturday, June 5, 2010

If I were to rate SL...... ^_^

A BIG FAT 10!!!! I have made more friends here than anywhere else. I have a wonderful SL family group called Divine Blood, wish is an awesome role play group with Vamps and Werewolves! HARROO!! Now I'm a new modeling student! WOOT!! Above all I must take a stand that RL is more important to me, of course, as it should be. But. I have no intention of ever leaving SL for good anytime soon. lol

Blog class...the oopsies and Yays!!

HEH, FYI, do it now and not later......yeah. I messed up there. Next time Ill just follow more closely and do NCs later. XD Ms. Mildor you are awesome and very patient. Im still a bit confused on how do to do pictures but I believe I will get there lol. Im a RL teacher myself and I admire your dedication. Thank you for your time.

WOOOT!!!! Im a Scholarship student at CWS!!

Dear Celina....I wish I could of met you in person. You have given me a chance of a lifetime and I wish to say thank you. Our acdemy is awesome and full of wonderful and helpful people. I hope to become a good model here someday. I just got done with the first two classes and I cant wait for the next one. ^_^RIP


Im Mali Taurus! Im new at theis blogging site and hope to learn alot!!!