Friday, July 30, 2010


Gotta tell y'all that I am estatic. Everything is looking up for me these days. In RL I finally have a job and I have the potential to have two more if the interviews go well. Having been broke all summer I finally get to roll in some dough, YAY lol. That's one bit of good news, lol, but today I have something else that's great too. Even though I should of done this last month I finaly get to hold my head up high and graduate from CWS. WOOT!

Thank you trainers, Anrol and Steve for your understanding and patience. Thank you so much for giving me more confidence in myself and continue to work with me and give me advice on improving myself, not only as a model, but as a person too.
We models were all excited backstage as we were really happy to see our work pay off and see our friends and family there. :)
Congrats to our valedictorian and winners of honorary awards. I applaud you ladies, and Tiny on your scholarship!

 Desi McKeenan- " I work so hard to get where I am today. This is my  best moment of my second life. Since I graduted from two other academies today I made history. I hope one day I will get discovered and that it will be a thrill to me."

Mesange Acacia- "I never thought to become a Model before Steve called me to try in CWS where I met Lisana for a free training DebbieDoo motivated me to practice and learn. Then I was caught and met great people like our teachers. To have been graduated after some stress and lot of work is great. I happy first for the ones who called and support me and for the fun to work inside a great team. I want to do my best."

 From Paris- "Thank you so much for everything. This has been a great journey. I want to thank all teachers, Anrol Anthony, and all the special girls in my class."

This is Mali Taurus, over and out! ^_^

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First interview with Ariana Kalinakov :)

   Ariana Kalinakov rezzed into second life on 4/17/2010.   She explored many worlds here at second life and she discovered the Classic With Style Sim. She thought would be cool to model in Second Life. 

    She then decided to enter her first contest, Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She really had no idea how things worked in a Classic With Style contest but, she desired to enter. So she sent off a photograph of herself and sent it off to Mr. Steve McCullough as he promptly put Ariana’s photo upon the contest wall.

    Some of her RL hobbies include camping, being outdoors, loves to read, dance and hang out.
    What she loves about SL? "Well, I love to explore the many worlds of second life to see what is out there, as the possibilities are endless. I do also love making friends."
    To aspiring models she would say to come to free training as you will learn a lot such as shapes and formations and about the stylings and also to work very hard as you can get there.
    Her favorite styling theme so far was the vampire one as they are so magical and mysterious to her. She also loves goth and neko too.
     I then asked her If she could be in the top ten right now which pageant would it be. "Well right now.. I am currently third in the Hollywood. So that one at the moment but, I am soon entering the Miss Bliss Couture 2011 Contest. That pagent, if I make it, would be in January 2011."
    What has been your favorite moment in CWS so far? "My most favorite moment in CWS was when I graduated in the Class of June 2010 from the modeling school. I won the prestigious Celina Langer award which embodies the spirit of a kind dear woman who passed away. I hope that I can keep her memory going and be the best person I can be."

    She had so many many friends to thank who have supported her along the way such as Debbie Doo. She also wanted to express her gratefulness and thank Lisana, Tabby, Anrol and Steve for all their wonderful help.
    Her goals in second life is to be the best model and person she can be by giving those a chance.  Like her, she believes there is someone out there has a dream. If Ariana had it  her way that dream will come true.
    Ariana hopes to have a bright future with modeling. She also would like to thank all the executive trainers for putting up with her crazy questions and without them she wouldn’t be here where she is today.
    Ariana also wishes that someday to be in upper management and perhaps teach modeling.
    Ariana likes to play around with her looks. She likes to  wear an Exodi or Oceane Skin and always has green or blue eyes. Most of her hair is from favorite designer Ali and  she likes all the colors of hair and sometimes she can be wild.

Thank you Ariana Kalinakov for your time. This is Mali, over and out! ^_^

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New looks and feeling fabulous in Maxie Polando Haute!!

Stylish. Very, very Stylish. Fashion forward and innovative. The details are astonishing and yet subduded and not over the top.

For today's show I had the honor of wearing a sexy number called "Seta Pura". Consisting of a strapless, olive green top and a short, tight, black skirt with a lovley choker.
Later, after watching other fabulous numbers take their turn, it was my turn again in "Italia Golden". This beautful ballgown ensemble was perfect for a party as it came with a dainty gold mask. The crisscrossing of the bodice's fabric was genius as the countless folds fell to my feet.

This is Mali T. over and out! ^_-

P.S. Thank you for your time, Anrol, for helping me look hotter than ever lol :) I wish I can upload the picture, Steve, but for some silly reason is being a dork lol

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Skaters theme for noobs :) WTG!

NOOOOOOOOOOBS! Oh those were the days! Meandering around a large estate, wondering what the hell I got into, and finding myself on a  runway in front of a large crowd in really no time at all.

Tonights styling theme for beloved newcomers was "Skaters"....yes like the over priced shoe company in RL..only with class and creativity.
Judged by our beautiful VeronicaLynn Parks, the evening went by smoothly. It was a moderate sized crowd in both competitors and audience members and was a pleasent evening.

Congrats to our winners and thank you for being yourselves and we hope you had fun!

This is Mali over and out! ^_^

Saturday, July 17, 2010


The anticipation, the hard work and dedication has finally paid off. I am finally in a fashion show! YAY! lol  I was so excited and enjoyed every step of the process.

The show was for VelvetRythms and was held today at 3 SL/pm. I got to display a two lovely numbers in the show too. A sexy blue and green number called 'Neptune' and a beautiful, hot pink creation called 'Super Coral' both outifts were very versitle and extremely well made.
I was so happy to finally get my picture taken before the show with the group and other pros and the  practice was a breeze thanks to our incredible trainers and Anrol.

The lag monster hit us all again today but we fought our way through it, thank god I didnt crash, lol. WTG gals! Walk fashion baby!

To finally be part of the dream of the modeling world makes me very happy indeed. Thank you all for making this a very enjoyable experience.

This is Mali, over and out! ^_^

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mardi Gras styling theme woot!

Ooooh lalala! WOW! I have always had a lot of fun with these nights. We had quite a night yet again with Mardi Gras theme too. Full of sexy and crazy outifts...and yeah I went as another game character...I CAN'T HELP IT! lol I have too much fun being me that so wrong? lol

I can't get over the feathers and the marvelous display of original thought that when into the outfits by my peers. It was astounding!
Great work ladies and gentlemen and ty for organizing this event, Steve and Anrol, and congrats to the winners!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


One word describes Sage fashion.....SEXY!!!

This line made you want to grab your wallet! Gorgeous, ladies and gentlemen, gorgeous!
Let me give  you readers something to visualize as I highlight some of my favorites....

I really enjoyed seeing some very trendy and flirty outifts such as the piece worn by Laylah called "Red Petals".  The short skirt was adorable! I also liked the "Envious" ensemble, it was very edgy.

The vulptuous green and red ballgown worn by Maleha was stunning, and don't get me started on Lalia and Ladysunfire's blue,  hawaii inspired gowns breathtaking and I adored the exquiste flower detail. Sigh lol <3 And last, but certainly not least, Didier and Georgie looked dashing in their ensembles..heh I love it when a man looks sharp in a suit. :)

You really have to give it to these this hard working ladies and  gentlemen. It's a dream for most, but it is a hard to acheive and stand to take the RL and in SL... aka LAG!! lol Man the lag was tough this evening. Heck, even during pracitce this afternoon lag was barely tolerable....could of been me lol

Overall a great show everyone! Applause to the designers for Sage and Anrol and Steve for putting on a good show for us all.

CWS, this is Mali Taurus over and out! ^_^