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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheerleading theme

                                      Winner: Sidney Abbot
                                              2nd:☆  Artemis Cheviot
                                                       3rd: ☆  Kristina Lexenstar

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Athletes theme

1st -   meimei Shiu
             2nd-   galadriel fairywren
                           3rd-     aleitz Fierenza     

Monday, December 27, 2010


As a new member of DebbieDoo's clan, with Lua, brownskin, and SD,  I am so pumped to see CWS fresh and giving everyone a new start to rise up and make a new kind of name for ourselves and have fun in a new way. I really look forward, as I am sure everyone is,  to seeing what else Anrol Anthony has planned for us as a new mafia family. :)

Stars theme

Flora, eva and Adrianna! WTG!!! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

X-mas styling :))

Winner:Suzie Marenwolf
2nd: Desi  McKeenan
3rd:SD Damiano

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Hawaii 2010 Winners Congratz
Crown Winner Best Hawaii 2010 Ms SD Damiano 
1st Runner up June Fall  --2nd runner up  Sid Kormann 
3rd runner up Zigrich Zsigrich and Best Creative Outfit
4th runner up AmyChristine Avedon 
5th PinkTikiCat Luv --Ms  Hawaii 2010 Photogenic
6th Suki Rexen

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Country theme :)

Winner :Diana  Balhaus
2nd:Cece Bovarro
3rd:Sidney Abbot

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playboy Bunny theme

PinkTikiCat Luv, Feylene, and Meimei 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Totally Naughty Clothes Fashion show

Sexy, beautiful, flirty, and sexy....that's all I got if I were to put this into a few words about this show. I can't say thats a bad or a good thing, however, the show was enjoyable for the men I'm sure lol. And, yes the women did get their eye candy too lol. *whistles* lol Applause to Ms. Random Sixpence for sharing her designs.

This show took place December 11 at 3pm SLT at the CWS beach runway. Totally Naughty Clothes (TNC) had a line that had something for everyone, from flirty to those who wanted to be bold.

From this line I'd like to share with you a few ensembles I enjoyed seeing.
"Butterflies" worn by Cece Bovarro and Laylah Lecker! This outift was very trendy and I loved the bright colors!
"Hot & Funky" suited its name, worn by AngelRaella Shelman and Alelitz Fierenza, as it very much that lol. I loved the clubing vibe it gave off. :)
"Mens Casual" was not what came to mind when i thought of TNC, but the men looked very well put together. Sid Kormann worn a red version as FreedomRock Rhiadra wore blue.
This was the last piece was "Virgin" and it was gorgeous! Worn by Pirkka Emerald and Aisha Ormega. Such a sexy way to finish lol. Woot!
Great job everyone, fantastic show!

Participating CWS Models:
Felyne Aura
Cece Bovarro
SD Damiano
Mesange Acacia
Aisha Ormega
 Lisana Rossen
 FreedomRock Rhiadra
 Laylah Lecker
Pirkka Emerald
AngelRaella Shelman
Lua Vendetta
alelitz Fierenza
Kiralyn Destiny
DebbieDoo Tigerfish
Sid Kormann

This is Mali Taurus, over and out! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Movie Stars theme

Winner:alelitz Fierenza
2nd:☆  Adrianna Applewhyte☆
3rd: ☆ Gia Ludlow☆

Full figured women

*Winner *☆ Meimei Shiu ☆
*Second*☆Aisha Ormega☆
*Third* ☆ntaly Anton ☆

Saturday, December 4, 2010

House of Europe Fashion show!

House of Europe line  has done it again! Exquiste detail, luxurious skirts and fantastic suits, all for the uptown lady or gentleman. The use of textures and cut of many of the bodices were amazing and unique. I enjoyed seeing a variety of men's apparel as well as cocktail and formal attire. One of my faves was a trumpet gown worn of golden sillk and satin by Aisha Ormega. I also enjoyed the handsome ensemble Zigrich Zsigmond wore, the cape was a nice touch. Another gown I really liked was worn by DebbieDoo Tigerfish called 'Kimera'. I loved the sophistication and elegance of the piece.
"Next we have Kimera and this wickedly Mid-evil inspired gown is elegant and regal in its feel. Done in a black sheer organdy the drop waist skirt flows in dark layers around your hips. The top is a plunging sweet heart neckline with long sleeves that stream down into flowing sleeves at the wrist. The bodice is timeless with beading in a criss-cross style. This design by House of Europe is a classic timeless beauty!"- Anrol Anthony
A vintage inspired piece was worn by blossom, AngelRaella and VeronicaLynn called "Old lace". It is a strapless mermaid gown with dainty allecon lace ruffles, a very sweet piece indeed.
The place was jammed with people and the show was a hit! WTG everyone! :) Hugs and kisses to our handsome designer, Didier Rascon.

This is Mali T, over and out! :)

Snow Princess by CleoCouture!

This is a splendid piece for the season, ladies! I had the pleasure to receive this gown as a present and share this unique piece with you. Surrounding a sexy body stocking made of white hosiery and green-blue snowflakes, are delicate ruffles around the neck and wrists and a whirlwind of pastel-colored snowflakes for a splendid skirt with train. The cool part is that this ensemble comes with its own special effect so you feel magical as you walk around with snow falling around you. It's really interesting to look at, You can't sum it up with just a word such as 'elegant' or 'sexy'. Honestly, you have to see it to get it, these pictures don't do justice. :) Fantastic job, Cleopatra!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Punk theme

Congrats to SD, Flora and Pirrika! :) WAY TO GO!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pose Styling

Congrats to: Lua Vendetta, Suzie Marenwolf and LadySunfire Erin

Monday, November 15, 2010

Celina Langer Memorial Marathon and Parade

Well the somber moments are set aside as we held a fantastic fashion auction "Shades of Red" in Celina's honor, which was a kickoff to a fantastic weekend. the auction took place Saturday, November 13th, at 3pm SLT and even I donated a piece that I modeled myself. lol I was late, but I had to see my RL sister take off to Korea for the next 6 months. My GOD! There were suits, gowns, informal and formal alike for this event. The proceeds ALL went to Celina's Scholarship fund. Thanks to Lisana Rossen's amazing organization and deep pockets (XD) there's not doubt we will have a lot of fresh new faces soon at CWS.
SUNDAY! WOOT November 14th had a ton of things going on at CWS! First a CONGRATS to June and Ajay for their union in marriage at noon SLT. The marathon race was major fun with major lag, lol. Congrats to the winners and bravo to VeronicaLyn Parks for Organizing this event. Last but certainly not least is the major parade, organized by Aisha Ormega, it was a blast to help put together the floats and drive one for the crowds lol. WHOOHOO, Celina this is for you, girl! Angel, you were amazing in life and a true inspiration to us all to this day! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Celina Langer Memorial Service

Celina you left a deep, deep impression on these people. Set on November 11th 2010 we at CWS, in a beautiful church, comemorated an SL model angel. I wish I was here for more of the service, that was led by tabythat1 Baliey, but RL work kept me at bay. There was a large crowd and we all had something positive to say and a few had great poems and Biblical quotes. All very touching.  I was the first to go up though to give a few words and I meant every single one. I never had a chance to meet Celina, but I promised to be more positive and work hard everyday in any reality or life. I put up some pictures to show how beautiful this avi was and how it reflects her beautiful personality as well. Hugs and love to you all at CWS. RIP Ms Langer

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skating Styling

1st-Pirkka Emerald
2nd-SD Damiano
3rd-ladysunfire Erin

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Celina Parade floats: Under Construction

WOOOHOOO! I had fun today with a great crew! Led by Ms Aisha Ormega, Ale, Laylah, Noa (not shown), Sid and myself had a blast rezzing, texturing and copying and editing like mad to create some fantastic truck-floats for the parade that will be dedicated for Celina Langer as CWS dedicates November to her legacy. :))



Alba fashions

Very colorful and exhuberant. Absolutely loved this line of clothing brought to us by Alba2 Rossini. I'm a sucker for the gowns lol.
Worn by helen and Laylah and SD were renditions of the Urania ballgown. Lovely craftmanship and use of textures! Bravo!
Adrianna, Aisha and lisana had very futuristic looking ensembles, the skirt was a hoot in the Athena  gown as it was ready for a rave or clubbing on the Las Vegas strip. :)  Suzie and Lua looked hot in their Warrior Princess outfits lol. You go girls! :)
The second one in today's show is my absolute  fave, the Erato gown. I admired the work done with the skirt and the construction of the bodice.
"With a speckled texture of black spots this gown paints itself on you in a sheer body wrapping. Then alba adds drama and that extra special "wow" with a flexi prim skirt that is sheer with spots as well as a shoulder flexi prim of the same nature. For maximum coverage a black satin poof mini skirt is used to complete the look! This complete look is an avant guard risk taker and a must have for your closets!"

I admire advant garde pieces in SL as when you see them with all the abstract glory that they provide you. You are reminded why you love SL when you're also into fashion.
Cheers to the wonderful designer and congrats to the video winners! :)

This is Mali T, over and out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid drift styling

Winner: KiraLyn Destiny
2nd: Aleilitz Fierenza
3rd: Adrianna Applywhyte

Saturday, October 30, 2010


With the Your Majesty pagent under wraps, CWS continued with many fun stylings, shows and another great graduation.
Ponytails theme, Hawaiian theme, etc displayed many creative people and their talents. September of 2010 had a finale styling show with the following winning great awards:
Prestigious Model for September DebbieDoo Tigerfish
Best Creative Model : LaCarnal Dreamscape
Prestigious Designer:  Jaygee2 Vollmar
 I had a fun time judging a couple stylings myself, not an easy task I can tell ya right now. lol :)) I participated in a number of fashion shows, I was either in them and blogging or you saw me clapping and blogging away on the sidelines. lol :)) My favorite show was the line brought by Pretty Lady.  I adored the details and the creativity of the designer in this one. My favorite outfits were all the formal wear, sooo pretty, I couldnt just pick one.
I was in a Moxie Polano sponsored Magazine cover competition. Congrats LaCarnal Dreamscape on your victory! :)
I had a lot of fun with the ladies on this one and it proved to be quite a challenge. :)
Before I knew it I was in another pagent finale, Prince/Princess of Best in Goth 2010. Ooooh, sooo much fun! XD Everyone, rocked the house! WHOHOOO!
 Here were the standing winners of the pagent.
Winner- Sid Kormann
Photogenic- LaCarnal Dreamscape
Happy Birthday to all the October girls and boys.
Best Wishes to all who are kind at heart and work hard!

This is Mali T. Over and out!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Applause to our  Ms DebbieDoo Tigerdish and Ms Laylah Lecker as they are now officially our Executive trainers here at University of Classic W/ Style. Congrats to the follwing members of October 2010 modeling class of CWS.
After our tabytha1 Baily, Veronica Lyn Parks gave a heartwarming speeches we got introduced to our grads as 6 new models.

Angelraella Shelma
Blossom Mistwood- blog winner
FreedomRock  Rhiadr
nataly Anton
SD Damiano- Valdectorian :))
Zigrich Zsigmond

I really liked Anrols speech
Being with our Classic W/ Style models here,  our team of top models, they became dear to us.  Steve and I  spend hours talking with each of them and they'd tell us about their personal lives.. we cried a lot of tears then. We consider ourselves greatly blessed. We have problems like everybody else, but our problems were nothing compared to some of the models.
Our goal  are to make sure we could help them fullfill their dreams. We knew we could never do much of anything for their real lives, but we wanted to do something that could help them escape for a short while. Steve and I  wanted them to feel pretty and special…even if it was only in a virtual world.

The reciever of our precious Celina Langert award was a to the much deserved.  Bridget Spot. woot!

This is Mali T, over and out! xox


This is my first magazine cover for CWS competition. This time around things were a bit different. It was free. It was tough. It was mix in match, sponsered by Moxie Polano.
On October 21st, 15 or so of us went in front of a panel to determine the top ten finalists. We had to come up with our own mix in match appeal/design and take our own mine were so amature. XD
 My following description:
"Since it is the month of October and fall festivities I dressed up in costume. Going make believe made it rather easy to mix n match, with a general idea in mind of course.  I went for an Arabian warrior princess apeal with the black baggy pants that I made to go with a chainmail top from a freebie Role play shop and rust-gold colored coat I have found for free at "Enky's". I also made these earrings to go with  sandles found for free at "The Rock" . My skin is redgrave, shape from noon, eyes and lashes from LAQ. Thanks"
I'm so happy to have placed in the top ten and congrats to my fellow competitors. I look forward to the finale next week. muwaah!
1. Desi McKeenan
2. Alelitz Fierenza
3. LaCarnal Dreamscape
4. AngelRaella Shelman
5 -Aisha Ormega
6.yours truly
7. Mesange Acacia
8. ntaly Anton
9. ladysunfire Erin
10.Diana Balhaus

Part two: Getting Moxie clothes and going crazy! XD
OMG soooo much to choose from. My strategy was to go crazy and yet make sense and choose a color palete to coordinate with.
MP Passion in red
Autumn Leaves gown
Designers sketch gown
Five golden rings dress
Le Majestic lavander
From there I put together my fashionable potions lol.

Part three: October 28th
My entries' descriptions!
Category 1:
I chose a dress of different colors for this event to give myself a challenge. I love fall colors and being outlandish, creative and stick out. I also love parties so the mask was an immediate must as I styled around it.

Category 2: One of my favorite movies is Moulin Rouge.  Therefore this piece was put together with that inspiration.  I am ready to can-can ! :)

The competition: It was going to be tough, I knew that already, but my god I was incredibly impressed by each of the girls ensembles as each were incredibly creative and outstanding. Judges I dont get how you do it!

The winner was very deserving in the end as we ladies got to dance the night away lol.Congrats to LaCarnal Dreamscape!! :)

This is Mali T, over and out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dracula theme :)

WINNERS:1st Place Winner ☆Ajay Xigalia☆
2nd Place Winner ☆Diana Balhaus☆
3rd place Winner ☆Nina Brianna☆

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Winner : ☆blossom Mistwood☆
2nd:☆Mali Taurus☆
3rd:☆Laylah Lecker☆

There were so many good models last night. WOW! I was so amazed that I had placed with my Odette of Swan Lake outfit. Thank you so much Doss for choosing me. :) Congrats also to Laylah and blossom, great job ladies!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pretty Lady

This was simply amazing! Pretty Lady is the fashion designer company that inspired me to model. I just loove their clothes! Sexy. Sexy. Beautiful. Lovely. Sexy. XD I was so pumped to display not one, but three outfits for the show today, October 23.
Camille in Brown, a leather number that was only a jacket and short shorts, hot! lol Ti came in all black and red too, versions worn by KiraLyn and Mesange.
Nightlife in Blue, a dress with gloves, both elegant and punk with the saphire colored fabric mixed with black mesh. I love the wave detail.
Savannah in Blue, a very formal gown of light blue silk with gloves. I wore the version with small, blue flower detail, it was very glamourous.
A couple of my faves, worn by other models, were Carmen and Dixie. Sometimes, its just great to be a woman lol. The girls looked amazing! :)
With every show comes the lag...and lag was the little bleep today. My word I crashed like four times as well as others, and I lagged off the stage too. gah! lol But the show must go on.

Great job everyone and applause to Anrol, Steve and our wonderful designer.

This is Mali T, over and out! :))

Friday, October 22, 2010

50s Styling theme

Congrats ladies: Laylah, blossom and SD on your creativity!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scary Halloween :)

Thank you Ajay Xigalia for being our judge tonight.  Congratulations to our 3 winners.
Winner: AngelRaella Shelman
2nd:   Laylah Lecker
3rd:   DebbieDoo Tigerfish

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Anrol's Collection

WOOOW! Finally in the big leagues when you get picked to wear your boss's personal line of outfits, :)  I'm really honored. Oooooh, better watch what I say with this one ladies and gents lolz.
If I were to describe this line in a few words, it appeared to be meant for the bolder person, a clubber or a social party-hopper. I could picture men and women to be in California at a beach party, or in New York hittin Town Square pubs. Very snazzy, jazzy and loud in color. :))
I had the pleasure of wearing two ensembles this evening. One was a two piece purple set called Dangerous Leather, where the pants showed off half my butt....yeah I sooo wore a thong..sorry but I wasnt gonna show off my trunk without some decency. XD However, the bikini-like top was very cute and flatering.
The next piece was Bad Girls Fit in Aqua. It was another two piece, a strappy black top with fitted aqua pants. Very cool and one of my favorites from the show this afternoon.
Another favorite was the  Elegance gown worn by tabbytha1 Baily and DebbieDo Tigerfish. I loved the grace of the red fabric and the exquiste details!
Sid Kormann was looking smexy in his biker outfit lol :)) I loved the jacket.
Fantastic work under laggy conditions everyone! We pulled through and wowed the crowd. WTG Anrol! :))

This is Mali T, over and out! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Styling Body piercing and body art

Congrats to Adrianna, LaCarnal and Diana! WTG!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hawaii Theme

1st- SD Damiano
2nd- AngelRealla Shelman
3rd- yours truly

WHOOHOOO WHAT FUN! :)) Thank you VeronicaLyn Parks for judging! muwaah!

Monday, October 11, 2010


LaCarnal Dreamscape, myself and Ladysunfire Erin.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Majesty Pagent...full of fun, excitement and I am proud

Im finally in a pagent! WHOOHOOO!! Alongside Aisha, KiraLyn, MARTINA, Bridget, Ladysunfire! WOOT! With my costumes ready to go, amazing pictures on display and great advice from friends I feel confident and relaxed...ready to have some fun!

Since I was last on the polls I was up first, which kinda gave me the advantage, I felt, because I was there to "set the bar" in a way. lol Although the rest did absolutely amazing in our first category, creative Medieval costume.

Next was our creative "King and Queen" outfit. Being all women in this pagent we were all very beautiful in our gowns as we each took turns to show our creations as we answered a question from Anrol. My God I was nervous as I with jittery fingers typed away my answer.

Answer: I hope to gain friends, memories and experience during pagents. I had a blast with the gals in the backstage and I'm honored to be here tonight

The judges had a tough job! Debbie Doo, Didier and Lisana were the trio that decided our fates.
I had an amazing time and congratulations and cheers to the winners! :)

Grand- Aisha Omega
1st- KiraLyn Destiny
Ms Photogenic-  yours truly :) wooooooooot
2nd- Ladysunfire Erin
4th-MARTINA Seetan
5th- yours truly
6th- Bridget Spot

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Magazine October 2010 Second Life Classic Glamour Style Magazine

Nils fashion

Short skirts and pantsuits for the ladies, tuxes  for our October Calander winner, Sid Korman The collection was overall bright colors, and edgy for your uptown city persona. The collection was overall the same in style but diversifyed in textures and prints. I enjoyed seeing a show that kept it simple, there seemed to be a theme in a way, which was cool.

"The designs you are about to see here this afternoon showcase the versatility of Ms Nils tomorrow
One of the greatest designers in SecondLife and I'm proud to present them here in our venue -- Classic W/ Style Corporation We are Simply the Best." - Anrol Anthony

The following were some of my favorites:

Worn by Debbie Doo-  A sexy short dress- This combination of dressy and casual is all the rage now.  The soft hue of the fabric allows the dress to flow nicely maintaining the feminine look.  You can dress this up with a nice pair of heels, or you can put your favorite boots on for a more casual look.  The colors shown today are beige, charcoal and rose.

 Worn by  KiraLyn, Lua and helen-
Chunky Fringed Cardigan with Frilly dress
Here we have our beautiful models wearing this lovely versatile outfit which comes with this lovely print cardigan and very feminine frilly dress.  This combination of dressy and casual is all the rage now.  The soft hue of the fabric allows the dress to flow nicely maintaining the feminine look.  You can dress this up with a nice pair of heels, or you can put your favorite boots on for a more casual look.  The colors shown today are beige, charcoal and rose.

Worn by Aisha, Nina and Adrianna
Gold Jumpsuit Club outfit.  This is an absolute must have for those nights out clubbing ladies.  And, if your single you likely wont be for long in this number.  It just drips sexiness and chic.  The halter style top, and the short bottoms is all the rage and is so chic looking with so much style.  The fabric is a soft shimmery satin that will hug all your curves and have all the eyes on you.  Another must have ladies.

Worn  by helen and Victoria
Jersey top with asymetric cardigan and trendy leggings
Now we have our models showing us this lovely versatile casual ensemble.  The outfit includes the jersey top and cardigan along with the trendy leggings.  This is a must get ladies.  So versatile you can dress it up or wear it casual for that day out shopping with your girlfriends.  So very chic and stylish.  The jersey top is a long sleeve design with a scoup cowel neckline.  Add over the top the short sleeve cardigan and the trendy leggings, which have a sexy torn look to the fabric, and you are all set to go.  What a wonderful bargain and the whole outfit is included.


Mali T over and out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

JayGee Fashion show

Well performed everyone! :)) I was here for practice so Im sure you all will be fantastic.

Overall, the apparell was very laid back. This year's fall line for JayGee Fashion was not exquiste, not orginally mind blowing, but simple, crisp and clean for the litle more than ordinary man and woman.

Not to say I wasnt impressed. When it comes to taste I muuuch prefer realistic and simple clothes then stuff I know is not possible in RL. Though I am guilty as charged when it comes to being extravagent once in a while on SL. :))

Focusing now I saw that the line consisted of capri pants, tank tops. However, there was the occasional middrift revealing top, short shorts and dress. Of course a tuxedo for our CWS October Calendar winner, Sid Kormann, who pulled it off quite nicely. :))

I think the most unusual ensemble was worn by Lisana and her partner, Ladysunfire. It was this cowgirl inspired set with a corset top, neck tie, shorts and blach chaps. Very sexy! whohoo lol

One of my faves was this lovely, all white lace dress worn by Diana and her partner. I thought it was very poetic. :)
Furthermore, the most elegant piece was a black and purple gown worn by deebiedoo and helen. WOW!! :)


Mali T over and out!

Friday, October 1, 2010

September Grads

On our new stage next to the CWS club I witness another great show with fireworks, sweet speeches and dancing. We had a near full house as four, out of originally 14, proud grads walked the walk as new models.  Congratulations on a job well done. I hope you are very proud of yourselves. :)

Adrianna Applewhyte- Good luck to you gal!
Bridget Spot- CWS September Blog winner WTG!!
ChelleBby Magic- Well done! :)
Sid Kormann-Valedictorian WHOOHOOO

Congrats to Aisha Ormega in recieving the dear Celina Award. Well deserved! :))

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


WOW! What a full crowd tonight. Everyone was donning the green theme tonight as we had fairies, madiens, to sexy hunks in green suits. lol I dressed as a liltle child and was a lot of fun.


OOOOF! My light green backpack is heavy for my little body. :3 I am back to school again, yippeee! I enjoyed being a kid and loved using green for everything! This cute dress with lacey stockings I made myself that I paired with ballet flats so I can dance down the hallways to my favorite song. LOLIPOP! MMMmmmmm CANDY! :)) SUGUAR RUSH!! WHOHOOOO.....breathes..... :3 chuuuu
 My eyes are from Galaxy with Honey Tan Dr. Life skin and my cute hairdo is from Analog Dog in honey.

Thank you for coming! :))

I enjoyed seeing the creative people we had tonight and had a lot of fun backstage. Congrats to our deserving winners. Diana, Didier and Laylah for great looks.

 This is Mali T over and out.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ms Beautiful 2010 finale

Ms, simply amazing to watch and be a part of. No. I wasnt a finalist but I got to dance with Ladysunfire and blossom as we performed two numbers during intermissions. We danced to Mr Mistoffelees from CATS and Masquerade from Backstreet Boys. We had a blast putting this together and it was very well recieved.

First was a sexy 50s swimwear with contestant bios. Ladies strutted their retro gear and I loved how each was very creative and/or authentic to the decade. Some of my faves consited of Candylicious' ensemble by Haute Couture that was based off an actual magazine pic from the 50s. Another was Helen's brightly colored suit and cape. I thought it was very cute. I also enjoyed KiraLyn's red and white polka dot number.

This next category was a huge production of awesome! We had a short skit of dancing barbies, a trio of dancers inspired by Cirque de soleil, I loved their rainbow streamers,  and a solo (was supposed to be a duo) that was rockin' fun to watch.

Next was a Masquerade that, I dare say, would put the phantom in awe. SO fantastically well done. I dare say I have no faves. Just all so incredibly gorgeous!!! :)

THANK YOU DEEBIE DOO! For your kind words about me in your NCs this evening!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ms Beautiful 2010

Fashionity Line

Fashionity designs had a fantastic, creative line this evening. I adored everything everyone had on.  I can't say that there was a common thread or style today, such I can say for wedding or lingerie shows. Instead there was a distinct variety. There was formal wear to casual that reached out to those who wanted sexy to those who are more modest.

I wore a fantastic Royal blue formal ensemble called "Victoria Veronica" with tabby and Aisha, who wore black and red versions as we all wore white gloves too. Later, I wore a casual dress that was completely knitted cotton, royal blue too, with a white belt around my hips and white stockings.

The cutest outfit today was a pumpkin sweater dress  worn by Debbie doo and  Aisha. I loved how the pumpkin face was cut out the material to give a sexy appeal to the seasonal fall wear.

This show was very adorable and one my personal favorites. Well done everyone on your great work. Thank you, SL, for not freaking crashing us today. XD

This is Mali T over and out! :)