Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Asian styling theme!

 Wish I was a part of it. lol Sadly I have bills to pay as RL looms around me more and more. :)

On a good note I got to see the second round of the Asian theme styling.
Debbie Doo was gorgeous in her blue and white interpretation. of the cold northern parts.
Victoria was in a lovely green kimono and with orchid print. I loved the hair and swords. girl with a black and white kimono of the early period. I adored her lovely Obi.
AEON! Whoohooo in another fabulous piece that was a black and purple formal kimono that unmarried woman traditionaly wore. Lovey!
Alelitz was astounding in her multi colored, kimono! The bright green was bold but suited her fun personality.
Now this was creative! Chanel was in a b-e-autiful number with butterfly wings and exotic colored pants and daring top. LOVE the hair, girl! You looked very sophisticated! Very nice addition with the silk fans!
Suzie and Brangeline! You both were so amazing, gorgeous and sophisticated! I just couldnt get over your styles!
Our judge VeronicaLynn had a very hard time with this one I'm sure. Congrats to the winners!
Suzie, Emma and our grand winner Alelitz!! WTG!!!!

This is Mali Taurus, over and out!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Designers-WOW!!!

OMG!! Finally I get to see us on YouTube! Us amazing models and staff worked hard together to create this masterpiece!
WOW! Bliss Couture, Anubis, KDess to Ayiki binkinis. I enjoyed seeing this film. I wish I was there to see the whole production, when it was being filmed, but sadly RL called me away. It was such an honor to walk alongside two big stars, Kiralyn and Candylicious. I felt so proud. However, I have to admit this was not an easy feat for any of us. As we ladies and gents know, synching our poses was rather tricky. Thank god for huddles! XD Bravo everyone, bravo!

Hello and good evening , CWS!

***XD lol I had a lot of fun with this styling night. :) Svea, my good friend Debbie Doo and Aisha placed and it was very well deserved.  

 Greetings, *bows*, my name is Mali Taurus and I'm bringing the Irish to life! We Leperchauns own this color lol...not to mention tap dance XD. We are the true Lords and Ladies of Dance!

***I couldnt help but actually tap around on stage lol. The fact that I got a 40 is awesome lol. I look forward to improving. :)

  I come in full Celtic Irish spirit with my beautiful bracelets and choker that bear the celtic knot. Decking out with the clover print top, emerald green shorts, stockings and pumps. Even my fingernails sport the color. My favorite aspect is this fantasic hat with this fun scarf around it. I'm struting my stuff and luck as I'm ready to have a cold one with the big boys! :)

***I adored the creativity and the amazing grace from each contestant. I especially enjoyed Svea's look. Look at her! lol She reminds me of the LOTR Ents, lively tree folk, its just amazing.**

To complete my Irish-loving look, I'm loving my wavy red hair by "Analog Dog" and my pale skin is by Dr. Life. My green eyes are from "Galaxy" and my shape was achieved with Anrol's help. :)

****Anrol and Steve you are so patient and amazing to come to these styling nights. Mornings for some XD

August Grads finish finals

New models of the CWS world about to graduate as the class August 2010. YAY!! I remember the day.... lol So I interviewed a couple to see how it went. :)

So how did it go? Any Lag? lol
Ivery Silverfall: Actually not to bad. well right at the very end I lost internet connection bc of a storm but otherwise no problems at all.

Svea Perian: No all was a bit too perfect for me, only the trouble that I didn´t know how to change my grouptag after winning, Anol had to tell me hundret times,, was so confused then after she told me: " I´m a CWS Model" ;-)))

What is one goal you hope to acheive in the next few months?
Ivery Silverfall: Well, mostly to grow more comfortable with the fashion shows, to do as many of those as I can.  Also I would like to focus on my first contest, Ms Beautiful.

Svea Perian: I want to work as hard as I did the last weeks, I reached my first goal, happy I helped other pupils also, now I just want to be a great model, CWS can be proud about!

What was your favorite class at the University?
Ivery Silverfall: Ohhh, thats hard because they were all really informative and helpful.  Probably the ones on styling tips and also photography.

Svea Perian: Oh just thought about a moment, but it was: Quickchange in a fashion show, and maybe the Photolesson, cause I learned most in these lessons. :)

If you were to give any advice to up coming students what would it be?
Ivery Silverfall: I would say to be confident, never give up, and practice, practice, practice!

Svea Perian: If you do this, do this with full of your heart! If you want to be a model it´s best, if you want to have only fun, is much to expensive!! ;-)  I say thank you to all at the end! I´m really proud to be part of this CWS family!

kisses to all the new grads!! xoxoxoox welcome to the family.

-Mali Taurus

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Computer suckage!~ :(

IIIII  MIIIISSSS YOU ALLLLL!!!!! OMG my original computer sucks! I am still waiting for a new charger so I can get back on SL. :( So for now Im using my dad's computer. :( What a pain in the ass! sighs

Saturday, August 14, 2010

KDess Fashion show review

Not your everyday or typical clothes. 'Sexy', 'skin', 'tight', 'short', 'revealing', and 'unique' are all words you were sure to come up with first if you were in the audience or a member thats back stage like me. :)

I'll be honest, tonight pushed my comfort level as I was to be seen in this short, black and red ensemble consisting of a tight, unzipped mini dress. I'll admit I was uneasy seeing my friends in, lets say unsual, stuff because I am a bit of a feminist and don't like seeing women certain things as it were. There is a line between sexy and pushing it. Maybe thats what made this collection so special as it was daring.

Georgieboy Juilesse and Didier Rascon!  Bless you for being here with us. I have not forgotten about the fact that great men were here too lol, you were amazing!

Now, I will admit that there we in fact some very nice pieces that weren't so risque in my book. For example, Ladysunfire's blue outfit, yes revealing, but it was done just so and in a certain color that made it rather fun to imagine wearing it yourself.  Victoria Allegiere's blue dress was a similar deal. GeorgieBoy's ensembles were right on the money as I see a lot of SL men enjoying ripping it up on the dance floor in those clothes. I, personally really enjoyed the pink dress I wore later too. :)

3 1/2 stars out of 5, somewhat risque but unique and bold.

This is Mali T. over and out. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 6. at 5:00 pm/slt Sorry everyone for the late entrance, RL work, but I was able to witness the majority of the fabulous awards night here at CWS.

Man, it was like watching the Oscars as everyone was dressed up and looking gorgeous for this wonderful evening. Congratulations to each of our winners, it was very much deserved.

Ms Emma Alstatter presented to
★Best Avatar/Skin★Aisha Ormega

Ms Brooklun Dimanovic presented to:
★Best Shape★FlutegirlSam GossipGirl

Ms Maleha Inglewood presented to:
★Best Club in SL★Facade owner maddog moonwall

Mr Ajay Xigalia presented to:
★Best DJ in Sl★tinydogg Haystack

Ms Emma Alstatter presented to:
★Best Photographer★ DIA Kyrian Lefavre

Ms tabytha1 Baily presented to:
★Best Performer★ Essence Bilasimo

Ms Kiralyn Destiny presented to:
★Best Designer★ K'Dess Owner:  Katdeetrud Destiny

Ms Lisana Rossen presented to:
★Best Female Model★Laylah Lecker

Mr GeorgieBoy Juliesse presented to:
★Best Male Model★Didier Rascon

Mr Snooky147147 Ballyhoo presented to:
★Ms/Mr Congeniality★LilLizzie Kidomen

Ms DebbieDoo Tigerfish- presented to:
★Your favorite person in sl★Candylicious Forster

FlutegirlSam GossipGirl: It was amazing to except the award for Best Shape because when I first started modeling, I was always told I was too skinny. It took me many hours to perfect my shape the way that I liked it and the way the modeling world liked it as well. The fact that it all went to the Celina Scholorship fund and the fact that it was my first award at CWS made it even more special for me. :)

tinydogg Haystack: I feel so overwhelmed other than marrying the love of my life flutegirlsam GossipGirl this is one of my greatest achievements.

 Katdeetrud Destiny: errr I feel so loved and excited and nervous and happy all rolled into one..laughs..thats good enough..smiles cheezy.

CONGRATS TO YOU ALL AND TO Kiralyn Destiny for Model of the Year!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I was here to see it all lol I cant wait for next year! This is Mali Taurus, over and out! ^_^

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


HIYAAAAAA!!! lol So, back to just being me and not on the job I would like to take a little time to let you all know that I am opening my own line. Taurus Fashion Store- For the unique woman. lol yeah there's a reason I didn't get in to business in college. XD Anywho, I am open to your suggestions, ideas, and challenges, as well as insight on your abilities too. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bliss Couture

Thank you again Ms Amutey DeCuir for the lovely Monica gown, it's very exqusite and I also appreciate that you liked my work too as a new clothier. I adored seeing your work and I extremely liked the detail and variety  you put into the vuluptuous and/or sexy prim skirts. I would love to learn how to you made those with so many layers and textures. The peaches and teals among your other color choices were amazingly creative too.  My favorite number was the indian inspired gown called Camryn. I absolutely love the waves of the skirt and the daring bodice.
Thank you so much for an elegant collection.

This is Mali Taurus, over and out! ^_^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot and Sexy beach body 2010

"Before we meet the finalists, let me take a moment to introduce the 3 people who hold fates  of their avs in their palms."
No. joke. I bet the judges were sweating when they had to decide on the next Hot/Sexy Beach body winner.

But before any of that the pageant started of in a really cool way as a huge helicopter brought down our last year winner, Candylicious Forster, that was just amazing.

The pagent was judged by four amazing women. Ms. Katdreetrud Destiny, of KDess. Ms. Shelby Zabaleta, of Pretty Ladies Designs, and Ms. Ayiki Takakura, CWS art director as well as a fashion designer.
Last but not least  is Ms. Kyrian Legavre, the owner of DIA photography.

Scored by 1-10 in several categories the contestants performed their very best.
Each contestant has been asked to create a look of their own  for the Swimwear competition theme for it is their country that they are representing. Here are some of my favs....even though I like them all lol

 Maleha Inglewood was first to go and she looked stunning in her hot pink, two piece for the state of Hawaii.
Emma Altstatter was next and I loved how she worked the runway. Her poses were very porfessional and fun to watch.
Mr Ajay Xigalia was fun to watch too and I enjoyed reading his bio. A very interesting person.
"Debbie Doo's swimwear is England. She chose it because on maps, England is always pink colour and pink is also one of her favourite colors." I found that to be very cute and interesting.
Lag was among us hardcore this time, but these finalists were amazing, 5 stars, awesome and incredible.

Talent This was gonna be good. heehehh the following are some of my favs as well...I loved these dances!

Brooklyn Dimanovic performed a creative Asian dance and she was so graceful with her Hanami fans. SWEET!
Debbiedoo Tigerfish gave us a firey delight that was very sexy and well done. WTG!!
KiraLyn Destiny performed a very cool hula dance with smokin' fire sticks. WOOT!
Laylah Lecker did an original dance number that paid tribute to the ocean and various dance moves were involved to make a  very beautiful piece. GREAT JOB!
AAAAAand Didier, my man, lol WOW! Very sexy dance in your shape-shifting, tribal attire.

"WOOOOWW! I am soooo impressed by all our Finalists talent..Beautfiul and all sooo Creative," Anrol exclaimed.

Next came the the tough questions that finalists had to answer. OMG!! I give you all props. Everyone of you are so mature and very concise with  your responses. Those few who had preparation time beforehand I give you an A+ for lovely reports. They were very well researched/"rehearsed" as all that was missing were the biblographies at the end. (and I say this with no sarcasm)

The scores are in and its a party  when the winners were announced. Way to go and congrats!

This is Mali Taurus, over and out. ^_^