Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pose Styling

Congrats to: Lua Vendetta, Suzie Marenwolf and LadySunfire Erin

Monday, November 15, 2010

Celina Langer Memorial Marathon and Parade

Well the somber moments are set aside as we held a fantastic fashion auction "Shades of Red" in Celina's honor, which was a kickoff to a fantastic weekend. the auction took place Saturday, November 13th, at 3pm SLT and even I donated a piece that I modeled myself. lol I was late, but I had to see my RL sister take off to Korea for the next 6 months. My GOD! There were suits, gowns, informal and formal alike for this event. The proceeds ALL went to Celina's Scholarship fund. Thanks to Lisana Rossen's amazing organization and deep pockets (XD) there's not doubt we will have a lot of fresh new faces soon at CWS.
SUNDAY! WOOT November 14th had a ton of things going on at CWS! First a CONGRATS to June and Ajay for their union in marriage at noon SLT. The marathon race was major fun with major lag, lol. Congrats to the winners and bravo to VeronicaLyn Parks for Organizing this event. Last but certainly not least is the major parade, organized by Aisha Ormega, it was a blast to help put together the floats and drive one for the crowds lol. WHOOHOO, Celina this is for you, girl! Angel, you were amazing in life and a true inspiration to us all to this day! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Celina Langer Memorial Service

Celina you left a deep, deep impression on these people. Set on November 11th 2010 we at CWS, in a beautiful church, comemorated an SL model angel. I wish I was here for more of the service, that was led by tabythat1 Baliey, but RL work kept me at bay. There was a large crowd and we all had something positive to say and a few had great poems and Biblical quotes. All very touching.  I was the first to go up though to give a few words and I meant every single one. I never had a chance to meet Celina, but I promised to be more positive and work hard everyday in any reality or life. I put up some pictures to show how beautiful this avi was and how it reflects her beautiful personality as well. Hugs and love to you all at CWS. RIP Ms Langer

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skating Styling

1st-Pirkka Emerald
2nd-SD Damiano
3rd-ladysunfire Erin

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Celina Parade floats: Under Construction

WOOOHOOO! I had fun today with a great crew! Led by Ms Aisha Ormega, Ale, Laylah, Noa (not shown), Sid and myself had a blast rezzing, texturing and copying and editing like mad to create some fantastic truck-floats for the parade that will be dedicated for Celina Langer as CWS dedicates November to her legacy. :))



Alba fashions

Very colorful and exhuberant. Absolutely loved this line of clothing brought to us by Alba2 Rossini. I'm a sucker for the gowns lol.
Worn by helen and Laylah and SD were renditions of the Urania ballgown. Lovely craftmanship and use of textures! Bravo!
Adrianna, Aisha and lisana had very futuristic looking ensembles, the skirt was a hoot in the Athena  gown as it was ready for a rave or clubbing on the Las Vegas strip. :)  Suzie and Lua looked hot in their Warrior Princess outfits lol. You go girls! :)
The second one in today's show is my absolute  fave, the Erato gown. I admired the work done with the skirt and the construction of the bodice.
"With a speckled texture of black spots this gown paints itself on you in a sheer body wrapping. Then alba adds drama and that extra special "wow" with a flexi prim skirt that is sheer with spots as well as a shoulder flexi prim of the same nature. For maximum coverage a black satin poof mini skirt is used to complete the look! This complete look is an avant guard risk taker and a must have for your closets!"

I admire advant garde pieces in SL as when you see them with all the abstract glory that they provide you. You are reminded why you love SL when you're also into fashion.
Cheers to the wonderful designer and congrats to the video winners! :)

This is Mali T, over and out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid drift styling

Winner: KiraLyn Destiny
2nd: Aleilitz Fierenza
3rd: Adrianna Applywhyte