Wednesday, September 29, 2010


WOW! What a full crowd tonight. Everyone was donning the green theme tonight as we had fairies, madiens, to sexy hunks in green suits. lol I dressed as a liltle child and was a lot of fun.


OOOOF! My light green backpack is heavy for my little body. :3 I am back to school again, yippeee! I enjoyed being a kid and loved using green for everything! This cute dress with lacey stockings I made myself that I paired with ballet flats so I can dance down the hallways to my favorite song. LOLIPOP! MMMmmmmm CANDY! :)) SUGUAR RUSH!! WHOHOOOO.....breathes..... :3 chuuuu
 My eyes are from Galaxy with Honey Tan Dr. Life skin and my cute hairdo is from Analog Dog in honey.

Thank you for coming! :))

I enjoyed seeing the creative people we had tonight and had a lot of fun backstage. Congrats to our deserving winners. Diana, Didier and Laylah for great looks.

 This is Mali T over and out.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ms Beautiful 2010 finale

Ms, simply amazing to watch and be a part of. No. I wasnt a finalist but I got to dance with Ladysunfire and blossom as we performed two numbers during intermissions. We danced to Mr Mistoffelees from CATS and Masquerade from Backstreet Boys. We had a blast putting this together and it was very well recieved.

First was a sexy 50s swimwear with contestant bios. Ladies strutted their retro gear and I loved how each was very creative and/or authentic to the decade. Some of my faves consited of Candylicious' ensemble by Haute Couture that was based off an actual magazine pic from the 50s. Another was Helen's brightly colored suit and cape. I thought it was very cute. I also enjoyed KiraLyn's red and white polka dot number.

This next category was a huge production of awesome! We had a short skit of dancing barbies, a trio of dancers inspired by Cirque de soleil, I loved their rainbow streamers,  and a solo (was supposed to be a duo) that was rockin' fun to watch.

Next was a Masquerade that, I dare say, would put the phantom in awe. SO fantastically well done. I dare say I have no faves. Just all so incredibly gorgeous!!! :)

THANK YOU DEEBIE DOO! For your kind words about me in your NCs this evening!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ms Beautiful 2010

Fashionity Line

Fashionity designs had a fantastic, creative line this evening. I adored everything everyone had on.  I can't say that there was a common thread or style today, such I can say for wedding or lingerie shows. Instead there was a distinct variety. There was formal wear to casual that reached out to those who wanted sexy to those who are more modest.

I wore a fantastic Royal blue formal ensemble called "Victoria Veronica" with tabby and Aisha, who wore black and red versions as we all wore white gloves too. Later, I wore a casual dress that was completely knitted cotton, royal blue too, with a white belt around my hips and white stockings.

The cutest outfit today was a pumpkin sweater dress  worn by Debbie doo and  Aisha. I loved how the pumpkin face was cut out the material to give a sexy appeal to the seasonal fall wear.

This show was very adorable and one my personal favorites. Well done everyone on your great work. Thank you, SL, for not freaking crashing us today. XD

This is Mali T over and out! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bridal Styling

Winner:LaCarnal Dreamscape
2nd Place Winner:Kiralyn destiny
3rd place Winner: ☆Mistressbubbles Bondar☆

What a show! heheh Brides everywhere! Everyone was so beautiful and creative today! Our judge Debbie Doo must of had a heck of a time picking out the winners. :)) I wore a Felini Couture that I absolutely love with the flower textures it had and the long tulle train with a strapless mermaid shape. Our winners really stood out and I applaud them for their performance. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HEY Y'ALL!! Stuff is coming up!

WHOHOOO!! Ms Beautiful is gonna ROCK! Debbie Doo, Candylicious, Kiralyn and more are gonna rock the Dome Runway Sunday at 3pm SLT. OMG I saw the place decked out already to go with our fab contestants' pictures uploaded and looking gorgeous! Oh! By the way, the "Can Can Girls" Trio will be dancing between categories on stage. Ladysunfire, Blossom and yours truly. :) Wooot! See you there!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Looking sexy today was the Victoria Secret-like mind set for the fashion show with numbers brought to you by Carrie Bridger Designs. Her store is here by the Main Stage at CWS and there very nice lingerie and pretty outfits. I'm not one to have my ass hanging out, I will be honest, but I won't deny that I felt very womanly in the two pieces I wore by our provider/designer.

First was a little, and I mean little, white and black ensemble with black hose and gloves called 'Elayna'......then the whole sim crashed....XD we all had to start over lol. but the show must go on lol.

The second number was all black and blue with a short skirt, garter belts, hose and a beautiful corset with polka dots and lace. This ensemble called 'Sasha' also came with black gloves.

 In fact, I noticed that essentially everyone wore black or white hose and/or long gloves. It was a very nice to see couple of similar elements. It gave the variety of looks, that ranged from "sugar n'spice" cute to "rock n' roll "sexy,  something in common. :)

There were very nice gowns to that I thought were very elegant. A lovely saphire ball gown by Tabby that was a limited edition as well as a red strapless number worn by Aisha. Well done, everyone, we did a great job! :)

This is Mali Taurus Over and Out! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


WHAT A DAY! I got my pics for my video done, my video shot. my video completed. lol Steve you are awesome! I won a dance competition today and I got to JUDGE a styling! whohoooooo lolz

Congrats to the winners for summer clothing styling! Very well deserved! :) I loved your looks, poses, everything. God, everyone, it was very close. It was hard too. I mean, how can it be easy when everyone is always trying to put their best forward and 98 to 100 percent are succeeding? lol WTG!

Yeeeah, I can't wait to judge again it was awesome! :)

This is Mali Taurus Over and Out! :)

Ms Mali Taurus Second Life Model Video

WHOOHOOOOO!! THIS IS HAAAAWWT! :) lol I'm soo proud of this video, THANK YOU STEVE!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magazine September 2010 Second Life Classic Glamour Style Magazine

This is an amazing monthly magazine video. I watch them every month now. Its full of everything that makes up CWS from the contests, models to the high fashion itself. :) Great job Steve and Anrol!

Monday, September 13, 2010


A night of sexy chippendale men and women of disco and beach parties! WHOOHOOO It was a short night and it was a blast! Congrats to the winners. Didier and Ajay you two guys were smexy and I loved your funky hair Blossom Mistwood! Very creative ntaly I love the fact you wore a key on your back. You were rearing to go whoohooo!

A T.I.P: A Talented Inspired Point

Keep your notecards short! Not boring, but concise! Make it fun and experiment, use your vocabulary and express yourself! Don't ramble your avi's items INCORPORATE them into your NC. :) It's more interesting.

I am Mali Taurus and I come feeling really comfortable and cute for any beach party. Modeled after hollywood stars' trends through out most of the 70s, when a lot of lace and bold colored textiles were worn. I created this cotton dress *myself* with an allecon lace overlay with slightly puffed long sleeves. It's short length gives a great flirty yet modest feel.

Speaking of the parties at the beach I have accessorized my eyes from "YALDI" with a pair of sunglasses by "Anubis". I glammed up with a pair of disco hoop earrings by "Gia" and a pair of sandles by "Ennui". You can tell I have been working on this beach look  with a shape designed with the help of Anrol, funky brown hair by Tukinowaguma and a Red Grave skin.

 This is Mali Taurus over and out! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anubis Styles....what to say about this fashion industry proves challenging as this show's models displayed very diversified looks. Anubis is very unique because it isn't a shop that focuses on one or two areas of fashion. The designers have mastered informals, formals, mens wear...just about everything. The lines of realistic  pracitcality and edgy/creative looks have been drawn and the gauntlet has been thrown. WTG!

Animal prints and furs were two huge characteristics in this show. I also noticed that the line expressed experimentation with skirt shapes and color combinations that you normally wouldn't think of and lots of gloves. All I can say is Lady Gaga would be proud.

My favorite outfit was worn by Victoria Allegiere and DebbieDoo Tigerfish. It consisted of a bright green top, fishnet overtop, black skirt and leggings. Very nice! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen you rocked the runway!  Im proud of you! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BWHAHAAHH I want your blood lol. Creative posing, intimidating eyes and skin...and a whole lot of black. XD I came in my own outift with new hair, skin and eyes and hit every dot. I was really proud of myself. Others looked good out there too as a  lot came in black ball gowns. A few stood out from the crowd....and won this styling of bloody elegance. (no pun intended)
Congrats to winners styling Dracula Theme: 1st- Svea Perian
             2nd- Ivery Silverfall
                           3rd- ntaly Anton    
I know stylings are for fun, but I want to keep others in mind that because you dont win doesn't mean you aren't good.  Many say it's just for fun, and in several ways it is, but I bet its frusterating to see yourself not win time and again. You might even say the same group seems to win all the time. (I've been there) I hit every dot, made my own stuff and still didnt win tonight. However, keep your head high, Walk in a straight line and roll with it. Sometimes that's all you can do...with a smile on your face.

Congrats to the winners. Thank you veronicaLynn for judging.

This a very tired Mali Taurus Over and...zzzzzz

Monday, September 6, 2010

YEEEEEHAWWW! XD models and bulls...the two things I would never see together XD. It was hilarious to see my friends compete to see who sexy lady... and/or gentlemen can stay on Steve's bull named Bert the longest.  I got 61 seconds...and never beat it XD. Debbie Doo, Ladysunfire, Aisha, Tiny and many others tried multiple times today and we all had a lot of fun. We all sported cowboy/girl clothing and a blast.
LaCarnal Dreamscape got an amazing 101 seconds later today. Absolutely amazing! The winner will receive a 1000L and gets to be in the CWS magazine lol what fun! :)

This is Mali Taurus, over and out! XD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

VOGUE Fashion show...WOW!

Wow! Somethings just are greater than RL. Vogue is a leading fashion world company/line and magazine. To actually see this interpreted and brought to virtual reality is simply amazing!
To see this line of clothing worn by CWS cant get any better than this!
In fact I kinda envy them lol...... :) Ms Baliey was the designer of these beautiful creations and is from Hong Kong!

Ms Aisha Ormega,our lovely Ms September, was absolultey stunning in her white Zalyn fabulous outfit named Daphne. It was soo sexy! WTG Lisanna Rossen as well in your pink version!

"Up next is 'Alicia', our beautiful models Laylah and LadySunfire are going to show this unique and stunning formal gown! Show here today in Olive and Suede you can see the special style of a Vogue Design. The top is a halter style with beaded embellishments on the choker neckline. The skirt is a floor length formal with hip side slits and comes with a sheer shoulder wrap! The fabric is a shimmery Indian inspired texture so rich in design!" ....O____O wow!

"Next up our Georgeous model DebbieDoo will show you this Asian inspired beauty is called Cheong and today our models are showing you it in black and white! Such a simple sexy suggestion gown with frog toggle closure neck and short cap sleeves. The fitted bodice flows into a full hip slit showing lots of leg. This gown is exquisite with hand-sewn embroidery at the neck and hemline. Truly stunning design by Vogue!" This was one of my best friends looking fabulous! WTG!!! :)

Emma and Maleha were absolutely stunning in the most original things I have ever seen! It had all the right elements, sexy, elegant, bold and very creative! Pink and Gold are your colors ladies!

VeronicaLynn and Victoria were goddesses in thier exotic numbers. In red/white or blue/white these strapless gowns were absolutely wonderful. WTG!!

Ms Ormega came rocking in her aymmetrical gown of silver fabric. Gorgeous! A very interesting piece.

 "Next our 2 beautiful models  Mesange and Laylah are back to show this beautiful outfit Pameal."  Short, classy and takes me back to the retro flappers lol.... and clubbing lol. Very cute!

Lisanna and Ladysunfire came next in "Rose" a very advent garde piece that was incredible in detail and was very whimiscal. " Rae Canare: the flow and elegance. reminds me of a swan."

Emma and Maleha came out again in modern medeval me at least. XD Its the best way to describe the elegance and contempary mix. Kind of hippy in a way...BOHEIMIAN lol..thats it.

Worn by my friend Debbie do..."Here is a show stopper in a gown called Sophia in Fuchsia and Scarlet! This strapless gown has a black bust line and a colored bodice with a drop waist skirt made of many layers of black and white embossed velvet. The top also has a beautiful sculpted prim of flowers from the bust to over the shoulder. This ensemble comes with a pair of matching lace hand gloves and is perfectly fit for the bell of the ball!" ...GORGEOUS AND SEXY! Love it! It reminds me of Zorro films with Zeta-Jones.

Ms Ormega and Ms Parz in what I call Sex and the City numbers. lol Very uptown and classy in the black and yellow colors.

Finished with a bio read of each of our lovely models I applaud you all for a wonderfull show!

This is Mali Taurus over and out! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Maleha Inglewood-:Congrats to all the New Graduates ... welocme to the CWS Family of Models ... smiling ... this is your day ... enjoy!!~"

Amen! lol I wish so badly to have been there. I knew there would be a great performance by our new models, awards given to two special people and fireworks celebratng the day by Steve. I was so happy to have a short RL shift so I could I could join the after party. That was so much fun with great songs being played and dances being used for the whole group. whoohooo! WTG Svea on  being the top of your class! :)

  This is Mali Taurus over and out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Careers with Cheer!

Gimme a S gimme a V gimme an E gimme an A GOOOOO SVEA! whoohooo cheers! lol Brangeline and I were cheerleader "props/team members" for Sevea Perian during the carreers styling theme. We had sexy baseball players, rock stars to the  military and police. OMG so much fun! I really liked Laylah's Ghostbuster outift! So cool! Aisha Ormega was our lovely judge too.
Congrats too all the contestants for the hard work and to the lovely winners! whooohooooo

Tonight was awesome!!! Our team won third, Desi won second and Laylah was so deserving of first place! WOOHOOOO!!!!

  This is Mali Taurus over and out!